Meet Mark

Meet Mark Palmer, Your Financial Advisor

Mark Palmer - Financial Planner


Mark is a seasoned professional that has dedicated over three decades to helping people achieve their financial goals. He’s made it his primary focus to build solid relationships that allow him to tailor services to each client’s unique situation and future goals.

If you’re searching for someone to serve as your chief financial advisor - he’s got the credentials, the network and the experience to both develop your strategy and execute all the important details.

Mark trusts only the best and most experienced in the business by his side, to help execute and manage your financial goals. He calls on a select group of professionals, depending on the specialists needed for your specific circumstances. He has a tight network of insurance planning, estate planning and wealth management pros who are always ready to help him, help you.

Patty Lawrence – Mark’s Administrative Right Hand

Every team needs an admin superstar, and Patty is our go-to. Her keen attention to detail is both required - and welcomed - in the financial planning industry. Our clients can rest easy knowing that when it comes to their correspondence, records and all things paperwork, things are kept secure and organized - with all T’s crossed and I’s dotted.

"Mark has been my financial advisor for 30+years. In all that time he has always been there addressing any financial needs I have. He is a professional that shows passion, knowledge, and expertise and has a genuine interest in achieving the best for me. He goes above and beyond to make sure I understand my financial world. He has my best interests at heart, and I can’t imagine trusting my financial needs to anyone else."

Bonnie Ganong