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We believe financial guidance should be delivered The Maritime Way.

For three decades (since 1991), our philosophy has extended to every aspect of our services, and through the network of carefully chosen professionals we work with.

Building a relationship with you is our #1 priority.

Your financial goals aren't just a spreadsheet with numbers (although we love numbers!). It all starts with relationship-building. What are your long-term goals? What matters to you?

Together, we develop a comprehensive financial strategy for you to achieve those goals. We make sure the investment, insurance, tax, and estate aspects of your unique situation and your life are all covered.

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I discovered Mark through mutual connections about five years ago, and he's been handling my pension and retirement planning ever since. All it took was one LinkedIn message and he was off and running, developing a financial plan that worked for my specific life situation. I knew from his reputation and from seeing other relationships he'd built with people in my network, that I'd made the right choice to place my trust in him. Since then, he's taken the extra time to get to know me even better, and has been there to manage and help make sense of every aspect of my plans for the future."

Peter Smith

Plamer Financial Group Financial Planer

We’re always at your side and always on call.

We are YOUR financial advisor, at your disposal and at your service. We work for you and are always on call. We coordinate the activities of existing professional advisors such as tax accountants and estate lawyers. If you need another expert, we have built a reliable network for that. We’re accessible when you need something, and all calls are returned the same business day.

Our goal is for you to rest easy knowing things are taken care of.

Our investment philosophy is essentially conservative in nature. Operating within your individual risk profile, an investment portfolio is structured to achieve long-term growth without undue risk. We put the work in on an ongoing basis, so we sleep as soundly at night as you do, knowing your portfolio is going where it needs to go.

We’ll help you seize opportunities and reap the rewards.

Your account is consistently monitored to take advantage of opportunities created by changing circumstances. On top of that, everything is reviewed in full detail each and every year to find opportunities and make appropriate adjustments to push your lifelong goals forward. Tax planning and minimization are also key components. We look closely at strategies such as income splitting and family trusts.

We’re up front and transparent, helping you learn as we go.

We’re of the opinion that our best (and most successful) clients are the ones who are fully informed. We’re committed to communicating the full picture to you, with all the details. We focus on communication and education through newsletters, seminars and guest speakers. We even maintain a library that you can borrow from, with some of the very best books on personal finance at your disposal.

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